#097 – Work-Life Balance Myth

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Do you go to bed before everyone else, or are you person that stays up late? Maybe you stay up late, just to wake up early. You could probably guess that the large portion of Americans at any given moment could use some sleep.

On this episode, CJ challenges the whole ‘sleep when you’re dead’ thing and shares some tricks he uses to get great sleep most every night.

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On This Week’s Episode, We Discuss:

Overcoming Poor Sleeping Habits

  • Why CJ gets an abnormally large amount of sleep, compared to his peers (and has for as long as he can remember).
  • The health repercussions of poor sleep .
  • How sleep deprivation is costing the economy over $400B in lost productivity & healthcare expenses.
  • Strategies for improving varying degrees of sleep limiting behaviors
  • Creating feedback loops that ensures getting a great night of sleep, every night.

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More About This Show

According to the Center for Disease Control, ⅓ Americans are not getting enough sleep.

A, false, but way too common notion we have is that if we steal an hour from our sleep, we can apply that to work, and then we will be able to get everything we wanted to do in the day done — if you’re a go-getter maybe you’re getting ahead of schedule (but that’s rarely the case).

And this may have served us back when we were farming or working in a plant with little regulations. However, the act of work in our modern economy rewards those that can maximize productivity.

Less Sleep = Less Productivity

The old tortoise & the hare story, maybe it doesn’t apply when it comes to day-to-day productivity. So this whole “If I sleep less, I can get more done” lie we tell ourselves is what perpetuates our  disengagement.

The Rand Corporation recently released a study that concluded sleep deprivation is costing the U.S. economy some $411B+ every year for attributing directly to employee disengagement and healthcare costs.

Do you find yourself becoming irritable or grumpy throughout the day? IT could be poor nutrition, or maybe you just need some more sleep.

Health Risks Associated with Poor Sleep

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Weight gain/obesity
  • Impaired immunity
  • Increase risk of death

How would you describe your sleep quality?

What time do you go to bed? On average we spend about ⅓ of our day sleeping. If you’re a really go getter that may be more like ¼, but regardless we spend a very significant amount of time on our backs (unless you’re an astronaut).

You don’t have to try very hard to see that the the outcome of the other 60-70% of our waking hours, it’s smart to get the best mattress you can afford.

Strategies to Improve Quality of Sleep

  • Stick to a sleep schedule, even on the weekends!
  • Relaxing nightly rituals. Something to calm you down before you go to bed.
  • If you have trouble sleeping avoid naps
  • Exercise, get up and move for at least 30 mins
  • Avoid blue light from TVs,
  • Your bedroom’s primarily focus is to sleep. Make sure you are
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, heavy meals
  • Read a book (not through a lit screen)
  • If needed, talk to a sleep professional
  • Do not resort to medication unless everything else fails.

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