#096 – Pareto Principle, 80/20 Rule

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Podcast

Pareto Principle

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On this episode of Success 2.0, we’re taking a deeper look at how us overachievers can focus more on what’s important to us by applying the Pareto Principle, aka ‘The 80/20 Rule’.

For those who aren’t familiar, the 80/20 Rule is an observation, originally coined in the 19th century by an Italian engineer by the name of Vilfredo Pareto. Where the 80/20 Rule was originally observed through lens of wealth distribution at the time, it has since been expanded into various areas, from economics and math, to social psychology, sales and personal development.

In this episode, we’ll be learning how we can apply this principle to our personal and professional lives to get to the root of what drives us toward our new definition of success.

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • How to identify the 20% of activities that provide the progress towards our goals
  • Why it’s important to be objective with ourselves
  • How to implement systems that ensure our focus on the most valuable activities, clients, products and services

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