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Take your career, company, and personal legacy to the next level. I work with successful professionals interested in making a meaningful impact at every level.

Executive Advising Tailored To Meet Your Unique Organizational Needs And Requirements.

Since 2003, I’ve spent more than 10,000 hours coaching hundreds of executives. I understand the issues you’re facing and have proven strategies to help you grow – both professionally and personally.

Executive Coaching

What makes me qualified to be your business coach has less to do with my awards and certifications, and everything to do with how we interact together. The majority of my clients choose to focus on one or more of the following areas:

Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching designed to develop a professional vision and execute an actionable plan.

Strategic Planning

A comprehensive process for understanding your organization and developing a detailed 3-year plan.

Sales Coaching

Utilize my proven system for developing predictable processes that lead to consistent results.

Are you ready for the NextLevel?

NextLevel Coaching Program

A cohesive leadership team focused on a shared goal is almost unstoppable. The NextLevel Coaching Program™ is based on my 20 years of experience helping companies commit to the fundamentals upon which all great companies are built. 

Is your team ready to level up?

More effort isn’t always the best way to scale. This program is designed for 4+ member executive leadership teams comprised of highly driven and opinionated professionals. If your industry requires highly talented professionals, this program is for you. 

NextLevel Process

Strategic planning program resulting in 1- and 3-year strategic objectives.

Quarterly leadership team sessions designed to reinforce the vision and improve effective communication.

Individual executive coaching with each team member.

2 company-wide sessions.

NextLevel Deliverables

Develop a concise strategic plan that focuses resource allocation.

Create a mechanism for keeping the team focused on these objectives.

Maximizing the potential of each team member.

Building a culture that optimizes communication and collaboration.   

My past clients include

Only truly exceptional people and companies

A coach can be a game changer

If you want to challenge the status quo

I only work with the most determined leaders and business professionals who are ready to take their businesses, careers, and futures in their own hands.

I’ve worked with CJ for several years as an adviser and business coach. He’s been instrumental in making sure we are doing the basic blocking and tackling correctly while pushing us to look at the big picture and develop goals that he helps hold us accountable for reaching.”

Brian Schmidt

Partner at Katz Sapper & Miller

Dave Richter

President at United Consulting Group


CJ has been an important part of our firm’s success over the past 10 years. He makes the people he coaches more successful and better people. CJ’s experience, his breadth of knowledge, and drive to make others more successful have been a critical part of our success since he joined our management team.”


Upon accepting a new role, CJ provided me with a sharpness that I had not had previously. My division’s sales grew 80% in two years while working with CJ on talent identification, setting and managing expectations, and becoming a divisional leader. Focus, time management, and strategic thinking in my business have all improved while working with CJ.”

Mike McGlothlin

Executive Vice President, Ash Brokerage Corporation

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