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We have more resources than at any other time in history.

So… why is stress increasing?

Since 2003, Iʼve helped motivate successful leaders achieve breakthrough goals. After spending more than 10,000 hours advising overachievers, I noticed that at the core, everyone wants the same thing – more satisfaction from all the hard work.

How We Think We’ll Be Fulfilled:

Most professionals enjoy building their careers, making more money, and achieving recognition. But eventually they all conclude that none of these accomplishments is worth the effort if theyʼre not enjoying the journey. 

What Really Happens:

Predictably, this model leads to a jammed resume, a bunch of recognition and a high salary. The problem is, most overachievers get caught up in an unintended cycle that typically leads to increased stress and less fulfillment.

To my fellow [recovering] overachievers, there is a better way.

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