Wake Up Grateful with Kristi Nelson

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Podcast

How do you build a foundation for a happy and joy filled life, regardless of your circumstances?

Kristi Nelson, author of Wake Up Grateful will help you understand why living gratefully is so difficult in our world, and how gratitude as a habit – not an occasional trick – will change your life.

As always, we’ll leave you with simple, proven tools to get you in the right direction. Thanks for letting me be a part of your journey!

Kristi Nelson

Kristi Nelson is the Ambassador for Grateful Living and the author of Wake Up Grateful: The Transformative Practice of Taking Nothing for Granted. She served as Executive Director at Grateful Living from 2014 – 2022. Her life’s work in the non-profit sector has focused on leading, inspiring, and strengthening organizations committed to progressive social and spiritual change. Being a long-time stage IV cancer survivor moves her every day to support others in living and loving with great fullness of heart.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • Kristi’s battle with Stage IV cancer and why such a difficult time moved her to establish a foundation of gratitude (2:00 to 4:15) 
  • Why gratitude is so difficult in our culture and time (4:15 to 10:35) 
  • How to harness comparison to unlock joy (10:35 to 14:10)
  • How to go from understanding gratitude to practicing gratitude (14:10 to 33:17) 
  • The vision behind Grateful Living (33:17 to 36:26) 

Mentioned in the Podcast:


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