Chasing the Dream with Jan Broders

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Jan Broders went from fast-tracked success in the hospitality industry, to extreme burnout at the age of 27, requiring months of clinical rehabilitation. He then took a journey in exploration of the central question, “How can I live a successful, ambitious and prosperous life without compromising my health and happiness?” Let’s dive in.

Jan Broders

I am a Husband, Father, Executive Life Coach, Speaker & University Lecturer and I help successful people live stress-free and with purpose.

I know what it’s like to be a high achiever. The sky is the limit, the world is yours. And I also know the struggles, worries, insecurities. The misbalance between work & life. The growing pressure and dance to meet all expectations. The feeling of being an imposter. The lack of joy while everybody around you celebrates your success.

Personal or professional challenges, such as elevated levels of conflict at work or at home, stress, or diminishing performance eventually lead to a feeling of being completely overwhelmed. This is the point at which we become committed to unlocking their personal secret to experiencing success and true fulfilment.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • Having to stay up at night, skipping social events, needing alcohol to fall asleep – these are all signs of stress that indicate that your life is out of sync with who you are.
  • In order to know ourselves, we need to identify the core strength that got us the success in the first place.
  • Burnout is what you get from when you’re living someone else’s life, chasing someone else’s goals, and meeting someone else’s expectations
  • If you see yourself as something to fix, you have misinterpreted something that has happened in your past. You are not broken and something that needs to be fixed.
  • We all try to fill up a cup that we have perceived has been emptied by someone in our past. We try all sorts of things that don’t fill our cup – money, attractiveness, etc. – because our cup was always full.
  • Acknowledge the tiny moments to get to know yourself – what’s your favorite coffee, what’s your favorite tree? In other words, what do you like? What really brings you joy, and how can you do a little more of that?
  • What are the go-to emotions that move you through your day again and again? Simply observe those emotions and become aware of them as you go through your day.

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