#117 – Bob Dusin | Creating the High Performance Workplace

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Bob Dusin (BobDusin) is Partner at HPWP Group, a Georgia-based leadership development and training company, and the co-author of the book Creating the High Performance Workplace: It’s Not Complicated to Develop a Culture of Commitment.

Bob spent much of his career in engineering, but it wasn’t until he got cherry-picked for a role in Human Resources that he really found his passion.

“I was a pretty good engineer, [but] I was probably more miscast as an engineer to begin with, and then I got into what’s more of my true calling” – Bob Dusin

What We Discuss with Bob Dusin:

  • How an engineer becomes leadership consultant
  • Identifying the five-percent of employees that cause 95-percent of the headaches
  • Building trust and respect as a leader
  • Creating a work environment that employees enjoy and want to be apart of

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More About the Show

Starting out as a project engineer, every few years Bob made a jump up in the org chart; becoming project manager, then sales manager at Ceco Concrete Construction.

In the mid 90s, Bob started his own construction business, but just after two years into business, his old company made him an offer to manage the Human Resources department. It not only meant a significant pay raise and great benefits, he found a passion for recruiting and developing highly effective teams.

For 11 years, Bob lead the charge for growing the team that was Kansas City’s largest construction company. During those years, Bob fell in love with building people and elevating their work. After more than a decade at the helm, he decided to take his talents on the road, founding a business management consultancy.

While guest speaking at a leadership conference, Bob met Ken and Sue Bingham. They had started a leadership training organization called the High Performance Workplace, and they thought Bob would be a great fit.

It didn’t take long for Bob to get onboard. In 2011, Bob joined Ken and Sue and has since become a prominent speaker, coach, and recently co-authored a book with Sue entitled “Creating the High Performance Workplace” available now on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble marketplaces.

Thanks, Bob Dusin!

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