Dr. Mike Rucker: The Fun Habit

by | Oct 10, 2023 | Podcast


Dr. Mike Rucker

Dr. Mike Rucker is an organizational psychologist, behavioral scientist, and charter member of the International Positive Psychology Association. He has been academically published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management. His ideas about fun and health have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Fast Company, Psychology Today, Forbes, Vox, Thrive Global, Mindful, mindbodygreen, and more. He currently serves as a senior leader at Active Wellness.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • Why our approach to happiness is broken (3:45 to 5:45) 
  • How to tell when you’re disconnected from joy and the role of Toxic Positivity on our lives (5:45 to 10:55) 
  • Emotional flexibility and changing the end goal of a successful outcome (10:55 to 16:00) 
  • The connection between oxycontin and finding joy (16:02 to 18:54) 
  • Why fun is such a critical component of our lives, productivity, creativity, and work (18:55 to 23:40)
  • Tangible ways to focus on leisure that open you up to achieve at even higher levels (23:40 to 28:19) 
  • The concept of thriving versus flourishing and how to create frameworks for your employees to flourish (28:20 to 32:04) 
  • Quick tricks to move toward fun and move through agonizing activities (32:04 to 34:18)

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