Managing Stress: Live in the Moment

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What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • The Achiever’s Compass – take the assessment
  • In 1992, CJ discovered that he had chronic anxiety after he couldn’t bring himself to get out of bed, or leave his house. That started a lifetime of helping professionals manage stress and anxiety. During this pandemic, stress and anxiety is on the rise. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
  • In Buddhism, stressed and anxious minds are referred to as a “monkey mind.” The thoughts just swing from tree to tree, back and forth, and sometimes it can be absolutely overwhelming.
  • No goal is more important than enjoying the present moment (unless you’re in a survival situation).
  • Fighting anxiety makes it worse. When you are mindful, you are an observer of your thoughts. This practice lessens the pain that your thoughts cause create. It reduces stress, increases happiness and self-esteem, and improves your relationships and immune system.
  • Here’s the secret – stop trying to be mindful. It’s not an award you can win or an item you can check off your list. It’s simply a state of being.
  • Start small. Try driving in silence the next time you go somewhere. Roll down the window and listen to the wind. Count your breathe for 30 seconds. Resist the need to interact with anything while standing in line at the coffee shop.
  • When you struggle to be mindful, forgive yourself. You cannot keep thoughts from coming into your mind. Tell yourself that you are doing your very best, then try to make small improvements every day.

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