Fast or slow?

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Seems like a pretty easy question for an overachiever to answer.

Why do anything leisurely when you can speed up and get twice as much accomplished?

Fast feels better.

But, is it?

If your goal in life is to out-work everyone else, then by all means non-stop frenzied commotion (i.e. – multitasking before sunrise to past sunset) is your friend.

However… if you’re ready to consider the possibility that life is about more than rushing from task to task, here’s an idea:

Slow down, do less, enjoy more.


P.S. Check out Managing Stress: Live in the Moment – a mini-series from the Success 2.0 podcast. For the rest of October, new episodes drop every week.


Photo by David Watkis on Unsplash


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