Happiness is Free and Easier Than You Think

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We know we should live in the moment, but how do you maximize life while doing that? Hale Dwoskin joins CJ McClanahan to share powerful tactics on how to recognize the now and let go of the obstacles holding you back.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • The only limits we have are the limits we have set in our minds. The Sedona Method helps you unlock the unlimited nature of your life and let go of the obstacles and baggage that hold us back.
  • Letting go and living simply is natural. Children do it all the time. Holding on is hard. Adults do it all the time. That’s why we’re so tired at the end of the day.
  • Experiences and stuff aren’t going to complete you. You are already whole and complete as you are.
  • We often know what the solution is, but we can’t quiet our minds enough to see it. When you let go, you let go of your beliefs of the past that are preventing you from reacting in this moment.
  • When we’re wanting to control the outcome, we are looking to the future or the past and not dealing with what we can deal with now. Now, however, is the only time we can do anything.
  • We either imagine a terrible future, stress about what we this is known about the future, or we’re rehashing the past. We’re not dealing with what is.
  • Responding to uncertainty is something we do all day long. If we handled uncertainty, surprise wouldn’t exist. We need to respond appropriately in this moment.
  • Living in the moment is the natural outcome of two things: letting go and recognizing the truth of who and what you are.
  • The mind is all about the past and future. You can describe what just was, but not what is now. The now is faster than the mind. It’s more immediate.
  • It’s not about getting in the now, you’re already there. It’s about noticing what is now. You don’t need to try to be what you already are. You just need to notice it.
  • Instead of being opposed to the problem, be for the solutions.
  • It’s possible to be ecstatically happy, even when you’re sitting doing nothing.

Mentioned in the Podcast:

Hale Dwoskin

Hale Dwoskin has dedicated more than four decades to teaching and sharing the Sedona Method, which helps people alleviate their suffering and discover the Truth of who they are.

Hale is the author of the New York Times best seller The Sedona Method and the coauthor of Happiness Is Free And It’s Easier Than You Think with Lester Levenson. He is one of the featured teachers in the book and movie phenomenon The Secret as well as a featured teacher in The Greatest Secret. He is also featured in the movie Letting Go.

Hale is the director of training, chief teacher, and spokesperson of Sedona Training Associates, an organization created to promote the emotional releasing techniques inspired by his friend, mentor, and teacher Lester Levenson. He is also as a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council.

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