Why we focus on others

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

I often wonder what God would say if we had the opportunity to grab coffee.

My fear is that She would be brutally honest and tell me, “You talk a big game, but I sometimes wish you would do more.”

Far too much of our time is spent trying to impress others.

Remember… there’s nothing more important than making a positive impact in the lives of others who need it the most.

This effort is unlikely to win you an award, increase your personal net worth or result in thousands of likes on your social feeds.

But it delivers something far more satisfying… a lasting sense of joy that you’ll remember for years.


P.S. For practical tips on increasing your sense of lasting joy, listen to my conversation with Hale Dwoskin, Happiness Is Free and Easier Than You Think from Success 2.0.

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