#124 – Pandemic: Thriving During Uncertainty

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CJ McClanahan explores the simple tactics you can practice to decrease stress – personally and professionally – even amidst times of uncertainty. 

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • When you’re stressed, the brain screams to ‘go faster.’ However, constant activity leads to bad decisions, which increases stress. CJ McClanahan shares his experience of dealing with stress and anxiety for the past 30 years. 
  • Keeping your routine does not mean keeping it perfectly. CJ McClanahan shares some helpful, and slightly embarrassing, insights. 
  • We can react during a crisis like COVID-19 because it seems as though everything changes in a moment. CJ McClanahan discusses simple tactics for turning your activity from a reaction to a response
  • ‘What if my clients don’t value my service anymore?’ ‘What if my clients don’t need my service anymore?’ You can rise above the chaotic thought pattern with tactics CJ McClanahan has taught hundreds of high-impact leaders. 
  • What’s worrying you today? Is it something that is two weeks – two months – down the road? CJ McClanahan shares his personal experience with getting worry under control. 

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