Get off the treadmill.

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I have a theory when it comes to the core belief of every overachiever on the planet…


I have a theory that goes like this…

The more we believe the phrase, “I am enough,” to be true, the more joy we experience.

This inner satisfaction/confidence leads to a grateful perspective that views each day as a journey to be enjoyed rather than a competition to be won.

Unfortunately, the overachiever struggles to embrace the idea that “I don’t need to do/achieve more” because we’ve built our entire identity on outworking/achieving everybody else.

Intellectually, we’ve learned that every new accomplishment rarely leads to lasting joy, yet we struggle to jump off the achievement treadmill.

What if today, we all took a break from running the race, took a deep breath and gratefully enjoyed who we’ve become?

We can always jump back on the treadmill tomorrow…


CJ McClanahan

Speaker | Advisor | Recovering Overachiever

CJ McClanahan


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