The Space Between Emotion and Behavior

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You choose who you will become.

In between when you first feel an emotion (anger, joy, frustration, sadness, etc.), and when you show an outward behavior (scream, smile, punch a hole through a wall, etc.) there’s a space.

It’s in this space that you decide how you’ll live your life.

Most people (including me – just ask the officials who refereed my daughter’s 3rd-grade basketball team) tend to ignore the space and react emotionally.

This isn’t a big deal if we’re happy.

When we’re mad, we post an offensive message on social media, yell at our kids, or ask the official if he’s familiar with the rules of the game (in a condescending tone which elicits a technical).

All emotional growth is built on how you respond in this space.  

When something maddening happens, instead of reacting immediately, take 3 full breaths, and try a different emotion – curiosity.

Why does this post on Twitter make me so mad?
Is my child intentionally trying to drive me crazy?
Is it possible that the referee is doing the best job possible in a small gym full of screaming parents?

The world needs less of your outrage and more of your careful thought.

Need more? Listen to Moving from Defense to Offense from the Success 2.0 podcast.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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