Building a Life by Choice with Chris Yonker

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What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • Achieving is an elusive goal. Overachievers thrive on lists, and getting things done. The problem is, we are achieving for an external outcome to validate ourselves, not to fulfill ourselves internally.

  • How much we love ourselves, how secure we are, and how much self-esteem we have is directly correlated to how much we have to augment externally.

  • Most high achievers choose to pursue for one of three reasons: power/authority, desire to win, and drive to be known.

  • The goal is not to stop making the world a better place. The goal is to subtly shift your perspective to change how you fulfill your inner desire and drive.

  • Many of our goals come from what society says we should have or should do. Initiate an internal check, “what is this for?” “What am I trying to create for myself/my business/my family?”

  • “Complacency is the proverbial kryptonite to high achievers.” In other words, ‘satisfaction’ means that I have nothing to do, or accomplish. If I don’t have anything to accomplish, I don’t have a purpose.

  • We create stories of why we behave the way we do. Be aware of what story you’re telling yourself.

  • Ask yourself the following questions: “How do I know I am happy? What do I have to observe in my reality?” “How do you want your life to look like going forward personally, with my family?” then, figure out how the business drives that.

  • We spend so much time in our lives that we don’t work on our lives.

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