Body Talk with Richard Newman

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Podcast

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In the hybrid world, there are more ways to communicate than ever before, but finding true connection and engagement still eludes many of us. Without the ability to effectively engage an audience and inspire action, new ideas struggle to be implemented, adding frustration and failure to the workplace. Richard shares how to develop your skill to speak and communicate with others to get the results you’ve planned no matter what room – virtual or otherwise – you’re in.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • Why communication is always a top concern of senior leaders and holding back teams from reaching their full potential. (11:25 to 13:00)

  • The power of gestures and why we must tap into our bodies to effectively engage our voice to communicate (13:00 to 15:30)

  • The super powers of Introverts and the super powers of Extroverts (17:27 to 18:32)

  • Richard’s study of posture, gestures, facial expressions and the messages we emit when we use them. Further, what happens when Richard negotiates with people who don’t speak a common language. (18:45 to 21:40)

  • The power of your facial expressions to set the tone for a meeting or conversation (22:03 to 25:09)

  • Who body language is actually for and how to mentally prepare as you jump from zoom to zoom (25:38 to 28:07)

Mentioned in the Podcast:


Richard Newman

Richard Newman is an award-winning expert in Leadership Communication, Storytelling and Influence, working in advanced communication since 1995. Richard specializes in showing leaders how to speak with greater impact and influence. He is regularly featured on BBC London Radio and is the author of the bestselling book You were Born to Speak.

Richard’s clients include CEOs, Vice-Presidents and leadership teams across many industries, including Virgin, Expedia, EE, AXA, Microsoft and 3M.

In 2014 he won the Cicero Grand Award, the most coveted award in the world for speechwriting. In December 2018 he published his book You were Born to Speak which on launch day ranked with Amazon as #1 best-seller on both kindle and hardcover editions.

Richard began by teaching English as a foreign language living in a Tibetan monastery in India. He then studied professional acting in London for three years. Richard worked as an actor on stage and screen, whilst continuing to study communication skills. Richard has been featured on Sky TV, Channel 5 News, in the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Forbes Magazine and the Huffington Post.

Richard founded Body Talk in 2000 and began working with a well-known Formula 1 team. His team at Body Talk have now worked with over 75,000 clients from 46 countries around the world. Last year they helped one client win over £1.2 million in new business by improving the way they communicate.



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