Who makes your life worth living?

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When my son was about 8, I started having those, “Am I doing a good job as a dad?” thoughts.

(I still have them. I assume I always will.)

I stared reading books on parenting and decided that it was a good idea to create memories that would shape the kind of man he would become.

After some brainstorming, I got a group of dads together and convinced them that we should take our kids on a “excursion” that summer where we would fish, hike, eat a ton, goof off, and talk about what’s really important in life.

This started an annual tradition of renting a cabin in Brown County (1-hour drive), doing a little fishing, a ton of eating, lots of goofing off and some thoughtful questions about life.

It was nearly impossible to find 3 days in the summer in between vacations and travel sports schedules. But we did it.

Without meaningful relationships, life is empty no matter what else you achieve. The problem with overachievers is, we’re too busy “accomplishing” to slow down and cultivate the effort, intention and gratitude that sustains relationships.

It doesn’t take an expensive trip or gift to make an impact. Something as simple as a note, a coffee date, or making eye contact while they are speaking to you will do.

How will you reprioritize your calendar today to make space for the people who matter most?














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