What’s on your scorecard?

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The Sustainable Development Solutions Network just released the 2023 World Happiness Report.

The report identifies eight key areas that directly impact happiness and well-being:

  • physical and mental health
  • human relationships (in the family, at work and in the community)
  • income and employment
  • character virtues, including trust and behaviors intended to benefit others
  • social support
  • personal freedom
  • lack of corruption
  • effective government

While we might not have a lot of impact on our government’s effectiveness or our country’s level of corruption, the top four categories are ones we can do something about.

  1. Choose one small change you want to make to positively impact your health or relationships.
  2. Block time on your calendar to make sure it happens.
  3. When you misstep (because we’re all human), forgive yourself and move on.


P.S. Read the full 2023 World Happiness Report from The Sustainable Development Solutions Network.








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