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There’s a disconnect between what society says about joy and what it actually is.



This is the number of sales meetings I’ve had with CEO’s and entrepreneurs since starting my business 20 years ago.
(Note: This is not true. I have no idea the number, but it’s been a lot.)
In 96.7% of the meetings (another made-up statistic), the person sitting across the table wants the same thing – more achievement.
The definition of “achievement” might vary a little between each person, but it’s typically related to the growth of their business – both top and bottom line.
About 5 years into coaching, I realized that my clients weren’t just hiring me for more achievement.
What they really wanted was the feeling they associate with achievement – joy.

However, the disconnect between achievement and the feeling we’re actually after creates issues. 
Joy is the feeling of contentment and purpose with life as it is.
The person experiencing joy finds that life slows down a bit. They’re no longer obsessed with recognition and acquisition. Their desire for growth (mentally, spiritually, professionally, etc.) is now less about impressing others and more of a fun challenge.
Keep this in mind as you consider the next achievement you put on your list.

CJ McClanahan

Speaker | Advisor | Recovering Overachiever




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