What does life want from you

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In The Road to Character, David Brooks asks two important questions:


What does life want from me?

What are my circumstances calling me to do?

You’ll notice a slight difference between this inquiry and everything else you read, watch, and listen to from the personal development industry.

Today, the self-help “movement” believes that our lives should be focused on a similar-sounding (but completely different) question:

What do I want out of life?

This subtle shift in wording changes our perspective in a profound way.

Asking what we want from life infers that the world owes us something – that our circumstances aren’t delivering the life we deserve.

This approach assumes there’s a big hole in our life that needs filling.

The next thing you know, you’re buying a third vacation home, remodeling a walk-in closet (to fit 63 pairs of running shoes) and signing up for a 7-day meditation retreat in Maui.

The truth is, life isn’t fair and it owes us nothing.

Embracing this truth leads us to responses that deliver the ultimate fulfillment.


P.S. Check out The Road to Character by David Brooks. It’s worth your time.






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