What can it hurt?

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I often ask groups for the names of shows they would never let their young kids watch.


While the answers vary, they all share the same the same mature themes – too much violence, offensive language, sex, etc.

My follow-up question – “What harm do you think will come from a TV show?” – always gets the same answer – “I don’t want my kids to be negatively influenced by the content.”

This makes sense. Parents recognize that young children are a product of their environment and reducing the negative content they’re exposed to is one way to positively shape their behavior.

Guess who else is a product of their environment?

You, me, and every other adult on this planet.

Just like our kids, we’re influenced (both positively and negatively) by the information we consume.

Keep this in mind when choosing which shows you watch, news feeds you scroll through, or podcasts you listen to.  


CJ McClanahan

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