Wealth is like Seawater

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“Wealth is like seawater; the more we drink, the thirstier we become.”

Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1851)

The overachiever’s lie goes like this:

I’ll be satisfied as soon as I ______ (get promoted, sell my business, pay off the vacation home, etc.).

As you know by now, this never works.

The good news is that the contentment you’re craving can be found in this moment.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find amidst your packed calendar, overflowing inbox and long list of commitments.

Uncovering this joy starts with a simple phrase – “I am enough.”

Not, “I will be enough as soon as…”

You don’t need another accomplishment to be fulfilled.

Rather, you need to relearn the truth that you’ve already done enough.

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