Measuring Vegans and Vegetarians

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

I read a study the other day that says that 3% of Americans are vegans while 5% claim to be vegetarians.

After thoughtful consideration, I came to this conclusion – “Who cares?”

We are obsessed with measurement.

This fascination with statistics is driven by our need to put everything into a quantifiable category.

In many cases, this makes perfect sense.

It’s helpful to know the exact amount of fertilizer to put on my lawn every spring or the right intervals to get an oil change.

But sometimes searching for a precise measurement can backfire.

For example, consider how you answer this important (internal) question – “Have I achieved enough to be considered successful?”

This question bounces around our heads all day long. We assume that the answer can only be found by reviewing out bank account and LinkedIn profile.

However, as you well know by now, someone always has more money or accomplishments making success feel unattainable.

Maybe it’s time we stopped looking for the perfect external measurement and considered a different approach.


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