The single most important thing to know about life

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

How you view control will drastically alter how you experience the only life you get.

Planning to improve the odds of success is a wise move.

Planning to eliminate uncertainty is a fool’s errand.

Recognizing the difference between the two allows you to reduce anxiety and maximize joy.

For example…

Saving for retirement is an excellent idea. Pinching every penny and working until you’re 75 to ensure you could never run out of money is crazy.

Hiring a travel agent to help plan a vacation will help you get the most from your trip. Micromanaging every step/minute/outfit/etc. will suck the enjoyment out of the entire exercise.  

Let go of perfection and embrace the reality that life will always be unpredictable.   


CJ McClanahan

Speaker | Advisor | Recovering Overachiever






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