The Problem with Perfect

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

For flawed humans, being completely free of defects and flaws is completely impossible to attain. Yet, we constantly strive. 

The Perfection Trap author Thomas Curran makes a compelling point that the root of all this effort is the fear of failure, rejection and judgement. 

I believe it all comes down to fear. 

We cover our fear with achievement/recognition/accolades. Racing at such a fast pace that not even our friends and loved ones can keep up. Because if we slow down, we’ll feel it. 

The truth is, if you’re human, then fear is part of the journey. 

The cure is not to ignore it or rush past it. The cure is to sit with it. 

Facing the fear won’t be comfortable. Some days will be easier, and others will be more difficult. 

This week, ask yourself: What am I so afraid of? 

Then (and this is the hard part) just be still while you wait for the answer. 


CJ McClanahan

Speaker | Advisor | Recovering Overachiever




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