The Cost of More

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Today, there are countless apps designed to help make our lives easier and get more done.

And I think we can all agree they’re working exceptionally well.

You can be on a conference call at your kid’s soccer game, responding to emails and ordering dinner for pickup (or drop-off).

While this all seems like a great advancement in society (which it is), there is an unintended negative consequence.

Because we can do more than ever before, we’ve convinced ourselves that we should be doing more than ever before.

As a result, even though we’ve filled every waking moment of our lives with commitments and endless interactions, we never feel like we’ve accomplished enough.

Before adding a new appointment to your calendar or downloading another app, consider if it’s time to do less.

– CJ



Featured image by Jesus Hilario H. on Unsplash

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