The Comfort of Data

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As my fellow Excel nerds will attest, measurement works.

I’ve spent many hours creating lots (and lots) of spreadsheets because I firmly believed that you can’t improve something if you’re not measuring it.

Whether it’s losing weight (calories, steps, etc.) or hitting sales goals (meetings, dials, proposals, etc.) measuring critical key performance indicators (KPI’s) is the foundation of success.

I knew I could depend on the data and this truth gave me a sense of comfort and certainty.

Then, about 5 years ago I began getting serious about mindfulness and meditation.

After creating a spreadsheet to “track” my progress, I came across the noted mindfulness expert Thich Nhat Hahn who convinced me that you can’t be good or bad at mindfulness.

All you can do is just be.

The overachiever in me struggles mightily to do anything that can’t be measured, mastered, and put on a LinkedIn profile.

But after practicing for years, one thing is certain… few things bring me more peace than silently observing the moment.

There’s something powerful (dare I say spiritual) in letting go of the past and releasing the obsession with the future.

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