Stress Management for Overachievers

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Two tactics to find some balance in a hyper-achieving world.


The Overachiever’s Trap begins early in life. 

A little success feels good. We get recognized, and maybe win an award or two.

Soon after that, though, the feeling goes away, and we teach ourselves to believe that the only way to get that feeling again is to work harder, win more recognition, and get more money.

It worked last time, right? 

Unfortunately, the concept is fraught with diminishing returns. Whatever you won last time won’t be enough this time. 

One of the ways to break this pattern is to rethink how you approach work. 

This is easier said than done.

If you’re trying to find some balance amidst all the rush (and, trust me, the world isn’t going to slow down for you), give these tactics a try:

  • Get clear about what’s important. What are the top 3 things that need to be done today? 
  • Time-box your day. Set time limits to the amount of hours you’ll work.
  • Take breaks. Trust me, you’ll be much more effective when you do this frequently. Even five minutes away from your computer between meetings will transform how you show up.

Over time, you will relearn how to move about your day and feel better about your life.


CJ McClanahan

Speaker | Advisor | Recovering Overachiever

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