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Nearly 2/3 of the population is addicted to their phones.

(Yes, that probably means you.)

This means that you “unlock” it over 150 times a day, spend almost 3 hours scrolling/reading/liking/etc., and probably sleep with it next to your bed.

We take a cavalier stance toward this compulsion, convinced that because everyone is obsessed with Facebook, Tik-Tok, etc., it can’t be all that bad.

It is that bad – that’s why it’s called an addiction.

Its consequences are far worse than simply ignoring your spouse when they’re asking you a question or zoning out during a Zoom call.

The data is clear. This addiction:

  • Decreases your ability to focus and makes it difficult to complete tasks
  • Increases anxiety and depression
  • Hinders your ability to develop meaningful relationships
  • Disrupts your sleep
  • Causes eye strain and neck pain
  • Results in thinning hair (OK, I made this one up…)

Life is meant to be fully lived, moment by moment.

However, living in the moment is impossible if you check your phone after a 3-second lull in the conversation.

Put the apps and distractions away whenever you’re doing anything that deserves your attention.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Phone conversations
  • Lunch with friend/spouse/mother
  • Meeting at work
  • Driving (I can’t believe I needed to list this one)
  • Reading a document
  • Little league baseball game (just kidding, these are super boring – I would bring your phone, book, knitting, etc.)

I promise, you won’t miss out on a thing.

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