Quitting vs. Stopping

by | Feb 9, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Recently, I did something that would have been nearly impossible 10 years ago… I stopped reading a book before it was completed.

I understand how ridiculous that sounds, but the truth is that for much of my adult life I never put a book down until it was completed – no matter how terrible the content. 
Quitting is extremely difficulty for overachievers because we’re always overcommitted and can’t imagine not following through on a task.
We fail to understand that we can’t do everything. Every “yes” is a “no” to something else.
As soon as I recognized (and internalized) this simple truth, I looked at every commitment I’d made in my life, prioritized this list, and then carefully backed out of some obligations.
It was scary at first, but it resulted in 3 benefits that have changed my life for the better: 
  1. I place a much higher value on my time.
  2. I’m far better at the limited commitments I do make.
  3. I find it much easier to say “no” to great opportunities that I used to jam into my calendar.

 “If everything is important, then nothing is.” Patrick Lencioni




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