Pattern Interrupt

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This Thanksgiving, most of us will express our gratitude surrounded by food, family, and football.

Unfortunately, most of these grateful feelings will disappear as we rush back into life focused on all that we lack.

Which begs the question… “How can I keep my blessings front and center?”

It’s not easy.

I’ve been obsessed with this topic for the last decade, and I’ve got some good (in fact, I’d argue great) news.

You can develop a grateful mindset by developing one habit in your life – giving generously.

Giving changes your perspective via a pattern interrupt.

It’s almost impossible to complain about not being able to find jeans in your size when you’re serving a homeless person the only meal they’ll get that day.

Regrettably, most people give sporadically to causes they care very little about.

If you want to experience this grateful feeling on a regular basis, it needs to become a habit.

Not sure how to make this happen in your busy life? Check out the video that I made for my clients.

Many blessings to you this holiday season!


P.S. Interested in going all in? Learn more about charitable leadership at












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