It’s every overachiever’s favorite time of year: business planning season.

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Work is not just a way to make money and stay busy. It’s how we prove our worth to ourselves and those around us.

We get to sing to the tune of our favorite song:

  • Overcommitting to what we can realistically accomplish
  • Applying pressure to our people to hit stretch goals (because that’s fun for everyone, right?)
  • Fantasizing of ways we can split our attention 100 different ways and get it all done (because that always happens)

Wanting for nothing, we are stuck in a cycle of chasing everything. So we work and work and work. As a result, our stress grows and grows and grows.

Psychologist and author Bryan Robinson writes:

“Workaholism is a compulsive disorder that manifests itself through self-imposed demands, an inability to regulate work habits, and an over-indulgence in work — to the exclusion of most other life activities.” – Chained to the Desk in a Hybrid World

Remember, not everything can be important.


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