Our new drug

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The McClanahan house has a time-honored, biannual tradition…

I lace up a pair of old running shoes over some long white socks and announce to whomever is within earshot – “It’s time to clean out the garage!”

(Seconds later, my spouse, Nicole, reminds me that I am not allowed to throw anything out unless she approves. I may have tossed some heirlooms in the past.)

I don’t like clutter and always worry that I’ll be the guy who has to scrape his windows during the winter because his garage is jammed with crap (furniture, weight bench, etc.).

This “clean garage” theory applies to many different aspects in my life – less is more.

Unfortunately, accumulation has become the most addictive drug in the US.

We pray at the altar of Amazon Prime, convinced that the next package will make us feel better.

Take it from a guy who’s given away boxloads of questionable purchases (ask me about the great camping Christmas of 2011), the surest way to find happiness is by recognizing you’ve already got plenty.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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