Imagine for a second…

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Imagine that I gave you the opportunity to be known as exceptionally kind OR wildly successful. Which would you choose?

(Yes, I recognize you can be both, but for this example, you’ve got to choose.)

When I first considered the question, my mind jumped to… “Of course, I’d rather be known as exceptionally kind.”

However, seconds after that triumphant declaration left my mouth, I quietly wondered to myself, “How much success would I have to give up to land in the kind category?”

One of the most valuable revelations I’ve had in the last decade is that success isn’t really all that hard to achieve. Pick an ambitious goal, put in the hours, promote yourself on LinkedIn and BOOM, you’re successful.

On the other hand, being exceptionally kind is hard work.

First, it might require that you put the needs of others before your own.

Next, you’ll often have to slow down, smile and seem interested in what others are saying.

Finally, it’s almost impossible to measure, won’t win you any rewards and is unlikely to result in the down payment on a lake house.

Because of all this hard work, it’s rare to find an exceptionally kind person.

However, one thing is for certain, you’ll never forget the impact they made in your life.


CJ McClanahan

Speaker | Advisor | Recovering Overachiever

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