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Giving Tuesday has tried to teach us that we can get by with a measly offering that doesn’t move the needle for them… or for our own joy.

“Just a little more.” – most people (including myself)
This is the answer we give when asked the question, “When will you have enough to commit more of your resources (time and money) to those in need?”
Our answer isn’t based on a thorough analysis of our calendar or bank account.

Rather, our response is rooted in fear.

Deep down we believe that the more resources we accumulate, the better chance we have to live a life filled with certainty and happiness.  

But what if this calculation is misguided? What if there’s zero correlation between wealth and true joy?

What if the best path to contentment in life involved focusing less on our own desires and more on those who’ve been dealt a difficult hand?

This week, instead of sending $50 to one of the many non-profits that bombard you for Giving Tuesday, step back and ask a bigger question – What problem in my community would I love to help fix?

Not sure where to look? Check out Generosity First.  

CJ McClanahan

Speaker | Advisor | Recovering Overachiever




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