If you’re not outraged…

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“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” – Anonymous

I saw this posted on Facebook last week to which I was tempted to respond with…

“If you’re channeling your outrage via social media, you’re only making the situation worse.” – Anonymous

Outrage is a useless emotion unless it leads to lasting improvement.

Screaming (a.k.a. posting on social) at others rarely advances our cause no matter how much better it makes us feel (temporarily).

If we’re unwilling to get into the game and commit our resources (time and money) to making a difference, then our outrage is best kept to ourselves.

As a person with lots of opinions (who also loves to hear himself talk), this is a hard rule to live by.

I’ve decided to pick a handful of causes I care deeply about, understand them in depth and make a meaningful commitment (time and money).

With everything else, I listen quietly and respectfully keep my opinions to myself.

– CJ














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