I only have a strong opinion on a handful of matters.

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

(Life’s too short to become an expert in everything and no one wants to hear the views of someone whose only research on a topic comes from Twitter.)

As a result, I only take a stand when I’ve done my research and fairly certain it’s true.

Having said that… I think we can all agree that there’s ZERO reason to EVER to check email on a watch.

Despite this obvious truth, why do I see so many people messing with their smart watches in meetings, at lunch with friends, and in a movie theatre?

The unfortunate answer (backed up by lots of compelling research) is that we’ve become addicted to distractions.

No longer is a conversation with a friend or great seats at an event enough to keep us entertained.

We’ve conditioned ourselves to feel bored without constant interruptions.

Worse, because it apparently takes too long to reach into a back pocket for a phone, we’ve decided to have the messages sent to our wrist.

Eventually, looking down will be too cumbersome and notifications will simply pop into our field of vision like fighter pilots.

Unless your spouse is 9 months pregnant or your teenager is home alone with a loaded liquor cabinet, the message can wait.














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