We (humans) love solving problems

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Inherently, there’s nothing wrong with our desire to find a solution to a challenge. The problem comes a few minutes after we’ve identified the issue.

That’s when our brain makes the following fatal assumption – the best/only way to address this problem is through truckloads of effort.
The next thing you know, we’ve exhausted a ton of resources (time and often money) in hopes of finding the ideal resolution.
If we’re unable to solve the riddle quickly, we fall back on the initial assumption and throw more hours at the challenge.
If we’re lucky, eventually the answer becomes clear, and we look back triumphantly at the accomplishment.
Rarely do we ask, “Was it worth all this effort?” or, better yet, “Could we have done something different?”


CJ McClanahan

Speaker | Advisor | Recovering Overachiever

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