How to Create Meaningful Conversations that Elevate Your Mindset

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I give advice for a living. (My kids think it’s a perfect career choice because I love to hear myself talk.)

As a result, I’m tempted to communicate my view on just about everything to anyone who will listen.

When the president/congress/NCAA/celebrity/etc. says or does something controversial I often have a strong viewpoint (just like you).

But, unlike most, I keep my opinion to myself until I’ve considered these 3 questions:

  1. Am I overreacting (“yes” most of the time)?
  2. Do I understand the issue well enough to have a strong viewpoint (“no” most of the time)?
  3. Does anyone care about my opinion (“no” most of the time – just ask my kids)?

This short reflection has saved me from lots of embarrassment and unnecessary arguments over the years.

More importantly, it’s allowed me to pour time and energy into the topics that really matter to me (turns out, there’s not that many).

CJ McClanahan

Speaker, Advisor, Recovering Overachiever

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