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The secret to effective solutions in meetings is simpler than you think.

CJ McClanahan

Early in my career, I loved watching one of my mentors navigate a meeting.

He would quietly watch everyone tossing out opinions only speaking if he had a clarifying question.  

As the meeting winded down, he would ask to speak, briefly summarize our conversation, and layout a path forward.

His insight was always thoughtful, concise, and exactly what the room needed to hear.

Think about his simple formula.

  1. Listen.
  2. Thoughtfully consider the information.
  3. Briefly provide a succinct solution.

Compare this to the typical approach we find today.

  1. Develop an opinion.
  2. Talk/post about it.
  3. Ignore everyone else.

Your company, family, friends, and the world need less of your opinions and more of your attention.

CJ McClanahan

CJ McClanahan

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CJ McClanahan



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