Giving that leads to peace

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The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving has become my least favorite made-up holiday of the year (close second is National Tortilla Chip Day).

Giving Tuesday.

That being said, I’ve argued for the last decade that the best way to enjoy peace, satisfaction, and joy in your life is to give generously.

Then, why would I have so much angst with a day that’s got “Giving” in the title?

Here’s my issue…

You enjoy the benefits of giving (and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others) when you make giving a central theme of your life – day in and day out.

On the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, every 501c3 on the planet bombards every email address/social media account with a well-meaning plea for funds.

Potential donors (you and me) drown in these messages until the feeling of guilt wins out. We pull out a credit card and make a nominal donation to a charitable organization we know very little about.

It doesn’t move the needle for the organization or for our own sense of peace, joy, or satisfaction.

Here’s a different approach:

  1. Identify one non-profit that is making a difference on a topic that you care deeply about. This might take some time – be patient.
  2. Contact them and offer to support them with both time and money. Make certain that you commit at least one year to this cause.
  3. Make sure that the amount of resources you donate is meaningful (some might say painful) to you.

This subtle change will make a world of difference.

How will you know?

Trust me. You’ll feel it.


Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash


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