Four Kinds of Fear

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I’ve been an overachiever since the second grade.


I remember vividly when my teacher announced a competition to read the most books every week. The winner got a gold star next to their name on a large board at the front of the classroom.

I won. And I was hooked.

For a while, the “success” made me happy. However, I slowly started to recognize that it was never enough. There was always more.

I’ve spent the last two decades working with overachievers who have taught themselves that success/recognition/money will lead to happiness.

I can tell you what follows them every single day: fear.

  • Fear of being overwhelmed: Life is significantly more complicated with every achievement – increased bills, meetings, direct reports, and clients that are constantly vying for your time.
  • Fear of losing: No matter what you achieve, it will always seem like someone else is living life better. Comparison is what the American economy is built on.
  • Fear of abandonment: If I don’t continue to perform and work, then someone else will be more valuable, and all of my success will be gone.
  • Fear of a purposeless existence: If I’m not achieving, I have no purpose.

Which begs the question… What are the key factors that help you find more joy along the journey? The answer won’t be easy, and it won’t be a quick fix. I can promise you though, it will be worth it.

There’s more to life than overachieving. If you’re ready for another way, check out The Recovering Overachiever: The 3 Essential Keys to Happiness on LinkedIn.



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