Find a Kevin

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Who do you trust when the world is screaming at you to panic?

His name is Kevin and he looks like a slightly less athletic Peyton Manning.

He’s who I turn to when I feel overwhelmed with information and opinions.

He’s really smart and brings a rational approach that is influenced almost entirely by the facts.

He helps me filter through the noise and come to a reasonable stance on the most complicated issues.

His insight has been very helpful recently.

It seems like no matter where you turn, everyone has a different opinion backed by a chart, blog, podcast, etc. from their favorite “expert.”

Instead of looking for more data, find an unbiased resource that you trust.

Need more? Listen to The End of Certainty from the Success 2.0 podcast.

Photo by Rita Morais on Unsplash

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