Energy is a limited resource

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

There’s nothing wrong with human emotions.

Feeling and expressing them in a healthy way helps us deal with life’s ups and downs.

But… sometimes, we allow a specific emotion to have far too much influence in our life – take anger, for example.

While anger is helpful to alert us of an issue, continuing to feed that anger is a waste.

We can allow too many issues to get us irritated. Such as:

  • The car in front of us doesn’t move the nanosecond the light turns green.
  • A political candidate we disagree with says something crazy on the evening news.
  • Our neighbor doesn’t trim their bushes or lay enough mulch.
  • The school system says too little (or too much) about a social issue.
  • Tom Brady gets a favorable call every time a defender comes near him.

There is simply not enough energy in our bodies to argue about everything and give attention to the moments (and people) that matter.

How will you choose to use your energy?















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