Choices in 1970

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In 1970, if you wanted to find information on a current topic, you had limited number of choices: TV (3 broadcast stations), local newspaper (which was delivered to your door), radio (typically 1-2 news stations).

That was it.

Because choices were limited, these sources of information knew that you’d pay close attention to their content until you’d consumed it thoroughly. As a result, their primary focus was (insert drumroll here) to report information clearly so you could understand the issue(s).

Today, the number of information outlets is measured in the millions and growing every day. Each one of these sources recognizes that they’ve got seconds to “hook” you so that you will then spend minutes (at the very most) to consume as little information as possible to form (or likely reinforce your current) opinion.

They rely on 2 primary hooks to capture your attention – fear and/or anger.

As a result, the headline is “The West Coast is Ablaze!” instead of “1,500-acre forest fire is now under control.”

Nothing is as bad as CNN/Fox News or Twitter claims.

Take a deep breath and pick up a newspaper.


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