Change your language

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We all overlook what’s going right.

​​It’s easy to feel that we “have to” go to the grocery, meet with the finance team, plan our vacation, etc. 

How you think about something shapes how you think about it. 

If you’re finding a task or person continually triggering your stress or anxiety, change the language you use when you think about that task or person. 

For example, sometimes people refer to “sales” as “customer development” or “customer creation.” It’s not just a turn of phrase or spin tactic to manipulate yourself into liking something. It’s reframing how you think about something and shifting the energy you bring to each task. 

My friend Kristi Nelson has a great tip for this one. Change the phrase “I have to” to “I get to.” And, for the things that are especially hard to carry out, add “because I can,” to the end. 

“​Contentment is a blessing begging for our recognition, but we are unaccustomed to pausing long enough to see how much it offers. To maintain awareness of what is already extraordinary and abundant in our lives is a satisfaction that cannot be taken away.” –Kristi Nelson, Wake Up Grateful







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