Before you set that goal…

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Every year around this time, I start to focus on the future and watch as the current year slowly slides into the background.

Sound familiar?

While the day might be different, I’d bet most are feeling these same emotions and wondering – “What goals should I set for 2023?”

This is a normal question and focusing your attention is a healthy exercise.

After helping hundreds of overachievers set thousands of goals, here are 3 simple guidelines to help you out:

  1. Less is More – Despite what you’ve been told, you can’t do it all. Every goal you set will (or should) represent a “no” to another objective. It’s OK to fill a notepad full of ideas for 2023 as long as you put a star next to the top 2 or 3 that matter most.
  2. Find a Buddy – You shouldn’t complete this exercise in a vacuum. Ask someone you trust for their feedback on your vision for the coming year. Be prepared for pushback. The purpose of this process is to assist in effectively allocating resources, not to impress your LinkedIn followers.
  3. Make it Measurable – After you’ve selected a goal, ask yourself – “How would I know if it’s been accomplished?” Spending more time with the family and eating healthy are great behaviors, but not goals. Your brain knows the difference.












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