Baker Mayfield and my predictable gym routine

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The art of argument

As a creature of habit, I workout at the same time every day (10am).

The TV in the locker room is tuned to one channel and daily features a panel of 2 individuals screaming at each other in response to a made-up topic (e.g., “Is Baker Mayfield the most overrated player in NFL history?).

Strolling by the TV this week, I wondered… “When was the last time I was so incensed about an issue that I yelled at someone else?”

I came up blank.

I was reminded that life is too short to get in heated arguments with others (especially over inane, unimportant topics like sports).

Remember, no matter how persuasive your reasoning, people who love to argue rarely listen.


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Photo by Attentie Attentie on Unsplash



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