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They said success would bring happiness,
But that wasn’t the whole story….

“The Overachiever’s Dilemma is simple and profound on a personal level. It names and explains the pain that follows over achievement, and crucially, recommends an alternative path to success that actually satisfies.”

Gregory McKeown // Best-selling author of Essentialism

“CJ McClanahan has written a self-help guide that every pressured professional needs to take very seriously. This might just be ‘the’ problem of our work lives today.”

Stephen G. Post, Ph.D // Best-selling author of The Hidden Gifts of Helping

“CJ simplifies the complex and his book has helped me focus on what’s really important. The Overachiever’s Dilemma has become the how-to manual for my increasingly busy brain.”

Peter Dunn // USA TODAY columnist

CJ McClanahan

CJ McClanahan

Keynote Speaker, Trusted Advisor, Recovering Overachiever

For over 19 years, CJ McClanahan has been helping others focus on what’s important.

No longer are we defined solely by our income, job title, or size of home.

Instead, the focus is moving toward our hearts and the amount of kindness we deliver to others.

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